8/7/21 “It smells like it’s the fire from California”

It is easy to make light of other’s misery, until it becomes your misery. Empathy is the cream filling of humankind


“Sorry, I am strictly liquids today”

-California Starbucks Barista

To be talent specific is one thing, but being talent arrogant is another.

Skills are an effort to acquire, a drudgery to master and a gift if it was easy. Never belittle, share your skills, teach if you can and support where needed; it will only help create a world that you want to live.


“Nostalgia deflects progress”

Do you think Edison, Tesla, Bell, Grover Washington, Jobs, Bezos ever sat down and wished for the “old days” and the way it used to be? Nostalgia is nice, but don’t hold it is high regard


“If you believe that you win if you’re the loudest or the last word in a disagreement, you have in fact, lost.”

Each and everyone one of us was born with the ability to reason. We have consideration, natural instincts, that is why that we learn to not swallow rocks or touch your face to a hot iron. It’s basic.

Where we fail, is we beleive that what we learned is the only correct way, it is not.


“It take a only a moment to be kind to others in this lifetime, if you’re a dick, that lasts a lifetime”

Have you had that day where everyone around you is just plain angry, impatient and/or rude? In today’s climate it is not uncommon, in fact, it’s almost expected.

I need you to dig deep, forget how people are, and just stay focused on who you are. The fact is, nobody will in-turn is required to treat you they way that you treat them, period. But remain hopeful, bring the ones that align in close, rid yourself of those who don’t. Do not feel obligated, it’s pointless.

Don’t let others steal your energy.


“Remember the monsters you love”

There are people in our lives who either help direct you towards your path or do their best to have you run afoul, both have their usefulness.

What is easy to forget is that you are your own Capitan Kirk, your own Mick Jagger, collaboration is nice but your are the decider, you are the one who masterfully are calling the shots,criticism Listen to any and all input, try to ignore compliments (they jade potential), take criticism as if what is being said being told to someone else glean only what is pertinent, discount nothing.

1/27/2020 PM

“Unfortunately, to label yourself as A Creative has become the white truffle oil of self- description; Overused and it doesn’t make, whatever, any easier to swallow “

It is a fact that YouTube, Etsy, and Instagram can make some people with talent and skill stand out, and that is a very good thing.

What needs to be addressed is, that just because you’re attractive (or you think you are) you made a lamp once, and your friend said, “you could sell that you know?” does not launch you into the ranks of “skilled maker, supermodel, slash creative whatever”…what it makes you is someone stealing the thunder of hardworking, dedicated, committed crafts-people dodging bullets from posers and hobbiest, holding a poorly made, ready to fall apart leather wallet.



Welcome to Sound-Byte Prophet.

We as a people, have become detached, short sighted, short tempered, short on time and short of attention. Our moods swing with the slightest breeze and our anger flares like a drunk uncle trying to light wet charcoal. We have become entitled. We have become jaded to shocking and stunning events. We have become numb to violence, numb to others, completely devoid feelings. We have become victims of our own self-destructions. We have lost our way…We have accepted that loss.

We have also become less than civil civilians, we have become “them” and “those people,” the one’s to quickly point blame to others and not take responsibility in our own actions. We all have set on a charted course to unnecessarily turbulant waters.

I am not stating that I hold any high-ground, nor do I claim to have the answers… but what I do have are the words of my long past, dead father, whom I struggled to ever see eye to eye with on any subject, except this; he’d say, “Everyone is looking for an answer, but they don’t know what the question is.”

Wise words from a man that despite, we being of the same blood, were two completely different people in ideals, values and outlook, but respect is respect.

SoundByte Prophet in short form, will try to inspire, explain, expand, discuss, validate, vindicate the “click-bait” we see non-stop and consume on a daily basis. I will seek higher ground, look from the outside in, with my values in tow, through my idealist colored glasses.

The format will be simple, A quote or headline followed by palatable, easy to chew take on the subject, honest and concise, take it or leave it approach.

So I hope you enjoy this relevant (IMO), long term project.


“Alicia Keys is a win at the Grammy’s, all others, in the public eye, you know who you are, take note

Twitter, Reddit, FB and any other social media dispensaries have always been the wild west of faceless opinions. It is a very sad state of the nation, that it takes a tragedy (RIP Kobe) to bring out the importance of love, kindness and the realization that we need to respect each other, let go of hate. Last night was a refreshing and much needed reminder that class and intelligence rule supreme, in life and as a public figure hosting a widely watched award show. Thank You Alicia Keys for staying true (I hope that the real you is as honorable as the you we see).

On a side note, We all need to be aware, reach out if you can, to anyone suffering from depression, It is hard to do, but not doing anything…

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